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Are You Competition Ready?

All representatives must wear the Connectivity Dance or Connectivity Skippers apparel when attending all related functions of the competitive/performance  team.


Wearing Connectivity apparel provides a visual presence for students, parents or event organizers to seek communication when needed.  Matching apparel provides a deeper layer of team unity and is expected modeling for showing studio spirit and respect.

All Competitive members are required to wear CDL attire to all competitions for Awards sessions and through the event. Costumes must be covered when watching in the theatre, this is also typically a theatre policy, so theatre staff can identify dancers who would otherwise require paid entry.  Please label all CDL gear.

Order your CDL Apparel today and get ready for our upcoming competition season.


Not competing?


That's alright! We love having all our students wear our Connectivity apparel and welcome anyone to purchase apparel to wear throughout the season. 

Orders are filled on a first come, first serve basis. While some items have various quantities, there are some items that are Out of Stock and will require a pre-order. 

**Pre-Orders must be received by December 27th to guarantee arrival by our 1st Competition**

CDL Advent Calendar December Gift Ideas:

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